Who uses your services?

Commercially speaking, retail store owners, restaurants, hotels, medical or professional offices, banks and office buildings. Any business can benefit from updating their exterior appearance or just adding seasonal or holiday cheer.

Do you offer complimentary consultations?

Yes.  It’s important to meet and know our client; to listen and understand their project.  A 15-minute initial on-site visit is essential and complimentary.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies because of the different variables involved. We will work within your budget and provide a choice of pricing options as well.  Remember, style happens at any price-point.

Do we purchase or rent products from you?

Generally, clients rent complete decor items and displays on a monthly basis.  The pricing includes installation and takedown.

How do I reserve my installation date?

Once the design proposal is accepted, an installation date is set.  A 50% initial payment is required to reserve your installation date and final payment is due at installation. We DO NOT hold installation dates without an initial payment.

If I am interested in just your holiday services do I need to reserve my decorating date?

Yes, ASAP! Proper advanced planning makes certain you get the perfect holiday display, with installation at the right time to maximize impact.  Product availability and color choices become more limited the longer you wait.

Why should I use a professional company when my employees usually do the decorating?

Do your employees understand the nature of color, scale, space, texture, balance and harmony?  Should your employees help unpack product, stock shelves and tend to customers or play at DIY decorating?  With an education in design, we will create an impressive and stunning display and will get the job done quickly, without interruptions to your daily business activity.

 I would like to use the same design next year; is there an extra charge for storing?

Not at all – storage is included in the overall price.